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Year 3 Newsletter January 2020

Year 6 Newsletter January 2020

Walk for the environment

Please sign our petition and help us make a difference.

Urban Sketching

Year 3 became urban sketchers this week. Four artists joined the children to help them with their artwork, showing them different techniques and helping them to see the world around them in a different way. The results were amazing. The artwork produced by the children will now go on display in school on the 5th and […]

Year 6 Summer Letter 2019

Clive Lewis Visit

School Council were lucky enough to meet Labour MP Clive Lewis today. The councillors asked some wonderful questions about life as a politician. We have several future MPs at St. Michael’s!

Year 3 Spring Cafe

Tuesday saw another wonderfully attended Year 3 Café. This time parents could work with their child to create chicks and an egg mobile. There were lots of happy faces and some lovely feedback from parents! Thank you to all who attended. Our cafes are becoming a highlight of the school year!

‘Big School Clean’

Check out the fabulous work by the Eco Council during ‘Big School Clean’ week. They also got out into the local community to help clean up litter around the school and local parks.

Eco-Council: Willow Den

Eco-Council   Find out all about our wonderful new willow den in the latest Eco-Council video!  

STM Vlogging Club

Once a week our after school Vlogging Club meet. The latest Vlog is promoting Rob Stevens book ‘Lucky Break’. Check it out. ‘Lucky Strike’  

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