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Rocket Science

Year 3 are very excited to be taking part in the Rocket Science Space Seeds experiment. We have received our seeds and have planted them. We do not yet know whether the seeds from the blue packet are the ones from space, or if they are the ones from the red packet. 3T are guessing the blue […]


3T have been enjoying learning about forces.   Year 3 have been learning about forces. They enjoyed thinking of, and completing, their experiment to find out how fast they could run with and without a parachute. They were learning about air resistance as they did so.

Local Newspaper Interview About RE

We are very proud of the mutual respect and tolerance shown by our children of those with different faiths and beliefs. So, when the EDP asked to visit the school to talk about the teaching of RE, we were excited to share the children’s good work. When the EDP visited St.Micheal’s they interviewed children and staff about the […]

Our Wonderful African Art Exhibition

After our fantastic visit to see the Lion King in London, the children created wonderful art work inspired by the show. All year groups and all children were involved in producing African art to be proud of. We exhibited the work for a week. The Exhibition was a big success and extremely busy every day. […]

Ukulele- listen here!



PC Howard visited us to talk about keeping safe online. We know to report anything upsetting or concerning to our parents or teachers when we’re surfing the Web. PC Howard also reminded us that Facebook users should be over the age of 13. We are very grateful to be looked after and visited by members […]

Road Safety

A special visitor from Norfolk County Council came in to speak to us all about the importance of always wearing seat belts. We were also advised to use booster seats if we are shorter than 135cm tall. Keep safe- always wear a seat belt in the car!

Learning time!

We are getting better at telling the time every minute (60 seconds)!  


    Every Thursday afternoon we get better and better at Ukulele. We sound great!

Speaking French through puppets!

Here we are greeting each other in French and finding out names as well as how we are.

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