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St. Michael’s Junior

Becoming a Governor

All Angels’ Federation constitution stipulates a maximum of 14 Governors can serve on the Governing Body.

Governors are appointed from a wide variety of sources:

  • Education Professionals
  • Parents – not just from our schools
  • Diocese of Norwich
  • Local Church
  • Local Authority
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Community

There are rules which must be applied to make sure all stakeholders are represented on the Governing Body, e.g. there must be two parent governors and a staff representative included in the membership, but we welcome members from all walks of life who can make a positive contribution to the running of the school.

From time to time vacancies arise on the Governing body and as ‘many hands make light work’ we like to fill them as soon as possible. No governorship experience is necessary and free training is available.

If you feel that you would like to find out more information about what it means to be a Governor at All Angels’ Federation and what the commitment is, please read the document below and get in contact with the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors via either of the schools’ offices.

Would you like to be a governor?

If you would like to join our committed team of All Angels’ Governors you would be able to give valuable support to our two schools. As a governor you would contribute to the work of the governing body by attending Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings where all important aspects of school life are discussed and where decisions are arrived at that make a difference to the quality of education provision for our children. Further more detailed work is carried out at the Finance and Premises Committee and the School Improvement Committee and these feed into the FGB meetings. There are six meetings for each of these groups throughout the academic year. All governors attend the FGB meetings and serve on one of the committees. Our meetings take place after school from 15.45 – 17.45 usually on a Thursday, although this may vary for some committee meetings.

One of the responsibilities of governors is to monitor what is happening and this is done partly through spending one day in the Spring term in school. This is always a very positive experience and one that governors enjoy as it helps us to get to know more about the interesting and exciting work that is happening throughout the two schools. It also helps us to engage more meaningfully in the discussions that take place about progress and school development.

There is training available for those taking on this role for the first time. In addition there is ongoing training in many aspects of school life for all governors, e.g. training in Finance, Safeguarding, Monitoring, Early Years etc.

We work very closely with our Headteacher, Mrs McCarney, her leadership team and staff to ensure that what is available for our children is of a very high quality. This is inspired through the schools’ vision and values. As Church schools we have a very close relationship with the Norwich Diocese and pride ourselves in the level of care and support that we provide for our children in every aspect of their development. The children and their families are at the heart of everything that happens and we continue to work together to make sure that we provide them with every opportunity that will meet their needs as they journey with us through our two schools.

If you would like to consider joining our team we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Headteacher, Mrs McCarney or Chair of Governors, Mrs Rosemary Games, through the school office of either school:

St Michael’s VA Junior School 01603 745812

Clover Hill VA Infant and Nursery School 01603 745559