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Eco-Council: Willow Den

Eco-Council   Find out all about our wonderful new willow den in the latest Eco-Council video!  

STM Vlogging Club

Once a week our after school Vlogging Club meet. The latest Vlog is promoting Rob Stevens book ‘Lucky Break’. Check it out. ‘Lucky Strike’  

Online Safety – A guide to all the platforms being used by children

Here you will find the most up to date guides for social media apps and platforms. Click on the icons to find out more information about each app and to download their useful tips to help keep children safe.

How to add 3 digit numbers…

Over the next half term, some of our fabulous children will be posting some mathematics calculation help videos. If your child is struggling with homework or just needs a refresher then hopefully these videos will help remind them of some of our calculation processes. Watch one of our Year 3 children explain the process of […]

GeoBLOGGING part 2

How fossils are formed. 3S have been learning about how fossils are formed- we had a go at making them in a very short time frame! Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the land. The dinosaurs died and fell into the ground, earth and rock covered the remains. The dinosaur’s flesh and bones rotted away, […]


Our Year 3 children have all been promoted to Geologists for our topic this half term- Rocks and Fossils. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be updating you with our environmental investigations and their findings. This week, we have been finding out just exactly what soil is as well as discovering that our school […]

Eco Council Christmas Top Tip #2

Check out our new top tip to make it a ‘Merry Eco Christmas’. Well done Eco-council. 876EF855-0051-4D5C-BF49-37CB55604442

Christmas Fair

3S Stone Age Day

On Friday, Year 3 got a taste of what life was like during the Stone Age. They used paints made from natural ingredients to create modern-day cave paintings, made their own spears to go hunting, fashioned some Stone Age jewellery and made shelters fit to withstand wind and rain. We all had a fantastic day […]

Year 3 Elf Maths

Some of the children in Year 3 have been challenged by a Christmas elf to complete festive maths activities. The elf gave them puzzles and riddles and our children did so well to use their knowledge and skills to solve them. Here are some of the activities the elf put to them…  

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