Urban Sketching

Year 3 became urban sketchers this week. Four artists joined the children to help them with their artwork, showing them different techniques and helping them to see the world around them in a different way. The results were amazing. The artwork produced by the children will now go on display in school on the 5th and 6th of June. More details of this exhibition will be announced soon.

GeoBLOGGING part 2

How fossils are formed.

3S have been learning about how fossils are formed- we had a go at making them in a very short time frame!

Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the land.

The dinosaurs died and fell into the ground, earth and rock covered the remains.

The dinosaur’s flesh and bones rotted away, leaving a natural mould.

Over a long period of time, small rock and mineral particals filled the natural mould and took the shape of the dinosaur bones.

Eventually, the earth erodes away and the fossil is exposed. Geologists find the fossils and study them to find out more about our natural history.

By 3S


Our Year 3 children have all been promoted to Geologists for our topic this half term- Rocks and Fossils.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be updating you with our environmental investigations and their findings.

This week, we have been finding out just exactly what soil is as well as discovering that our school ground is home to loamy, clay and sandy types of soil. Take a look at our pictures and take the test below to find out more!