School Vision

The school recognises the value of each child as an individual and the importance of nurturing every aspect of the child’s personality – intellectual, creative, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Pupils are encouraged to seize learning opportunities and achieve a personal best.  The school is committed to raising standards and providing high quality teaching.  The school offers a well-balanced and broad curriculum and an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities.

All individuals are of equal worth, therefore the school promotes mutual respect, care for others and tolerance of others’ values and beliefs.  Christian values and a love of God are promoted, while appreciating that the school serves a multi-cultural society.

The school sets clear boundaries for behaviour.  Pupils are shown through discussion and by example, what is and is not acceptable behaviour both in and outside school.  Good manners, helpfulness, care for the environment and the need to be responsible citizens in the community are valued.  Our school provides a safe, secure environment and all pupils are expected to maintain and promote this ethos.

The school values a strong partnership with parents and the wider community.  Together we prepare our pupils for their futures.

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