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St. Michael’s Junior

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intentions

Our key intentions are:

To develop the academic potential of our children from their starting points, we ensure that our curriculum promotes appropriate subject knowledge, content, skills and understanding. While ensuring that our children are successful readers, writers and mathematicians, the curriculum is also broad, enables deep learning and promotes enhanced cultural capital through trips, visits and visitors into school and a wide and varied extra-curricular offer.

We recognise the fundamental interdependence of developing children’s character and academic success. As a Church School, we have long held a belief that our role is to enable our pupils to flourish by developing positive personal virtues. We promote contribution and service to the school, community and their families. We cultivate and encourage an expansive range of moral, spiritual, intellectual, civic and performance character virtues.

We foster positive, appropriate behaviours and habits for successful and fulfilling learning, for meaningful and respectful relationships and for making a positive contribution to our society. We expect respectful and safe behaviours inside and outside the classroom which enable our whole school community to learn well and live well together. We promote co-operation and consideration of others’ feelings and views, especially when there is conflict. We recognise that many of our children struggle with their own mental health and well-being so we need to support with early identification and support. We believe that it is right to challenge injustice so encourage our children to be courageous advocates and stand up for what they believe.

Year Groups

Curriculum Road Maps

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